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STReeT/FeaT is a tap dance narrative that explores the beautiful and chaotic streets of New York City: home to the richest and the poorest, a city of passions and contrasts, where the art of living by some is only matched by the lust for life in others. STReeT/FeaT sweeps us away on a tour of the grid-like New York City streets drawn with light and video, accompanied by the percussive rhythms of urban sounds, slamming heels, and punching bag strikes. The cast of two male tap dancers/boxers and one female tap dancer is led by Orrach and his impressive footwork. This work was developed at the Harrison House residency in Joshua Tree and premiered at Theatre Surenes Jean Vilar in Paris. Developed as a true collaboration between dancrs and musicians, STReeT/FeeT has become a platform for JOPP workshops and other collaboration.


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"Orrach’s unusual journey to becoming a dancer inspires both his shows and his teaching. Now a nationally recognized teacher, Orrach works with high school students, incarcerated youth and clients of addiction recovery programs like Delancey Street. His workshops help those uprooted by despair and violence to transform rage into creativity."

Kathryn Roszak - Theatre Bay Area

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