The following is a list of recent performances created and performed by members and collaborators of the Joe Orrach Performance Project. Excerpts from these performances have also been used in workshops and classes hosted by JOPP. For a more complete list of Joe Orrach’s professional solo shows and work with other companies, please read his bio page. To learn more about how JOPP integrates performance material into workshops and classes, check out our teaching page. 


"Tireless: A Tap Dance Experience"

Curated by Michelle Dorrance


Jumaane Taylor

Joseph and Josette Wiggan

Joe Orrach

Reona and Takashi Seo

Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards

"In My Corner"

Written by Joe Orrach & Lizbeth Hasse

Directed by: Jeremiah Chechik

Produced by: Beth Hogan and Lizbeth Hasse

Sound Designers: Dino Herrmann and Mikael Sandgren

Lighting Designer: Briana Patillo

Artistic Director: Ron Sossi

Graphics by: Frederic Amat

Original Music and Musical Direction: Matthew Clark

Musicians: Matthew Clark (piano) | 

Ronnie Gutierrez (percussion) | Eugene Warren (bass)


Choreography by: Joe Orrach and Andrew Nemr
Lights: Patrick Toebe

Original Music and Music Direction: Matthew Clark

Matthew Clark (piano)

Colin Douglas (percussion)
Sam Bevan (bass guitar)

Written by Joe Orrach & Lizbeth Hasse

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