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In My Corner workshops are based in a curriculum that introduces the participants to the tools of storytelling and their own storytelling capacities.

At the heart of this curriculum is an original play that tells a universal story in a unique way.  It creates a world inhabited by dynamic and passionate characters presented by versatile actor, tap sensation, and former USAF welterweight boxing champ Joe Orrach. 

Blending the rhythms of tap dance, boxing, salsa, and live music into a narrative, the play is a father-son story of a street smart, wise guy Puerto Rican–Italian kid from the Bronx who comes of age in the ring and on the dance floor. Making use of his own skill set, Joe helps participants to find their own and fashion their personal stories. Below are some offerings for schools.



  • 75 Minute presentation of "In My Corner"

  • Q&A Session Post Performance

Full performance of the award winning "In My Corner" presented to a school assembly. Afterwards they will be given the chance to discuss the themes, stories and process of creating the show with Writer and Performer Joe Orrach. 



Price Varies

  • 45 Minute presentation of "In My Corner"

  • Q&A Session Post Performance

  • Storytelling Workshop

Groups will get the opportunity to see a condensed performance of the award winning"In My Corner". Afterwards they will be given the chance to actively enegage in the themes, stories and process of creating a story with Writer and Performer Joe Orrach. 

This package is best suited for classes such as: English, Music, Physical Education and Drama. 



“He [Joe] really motivated me to do what my heart wants me to do, no matter what obstacle is in my way.”

– Rodrigo P., student at Estancia High School

  • 1 hour weekly session over a period of 4 weeks

  • 20 Students max

Using physical movement, improvisation, exploration and devising, Joe with JOPP artists  brings students through a process of discovering their own voices and stories. With this, encouraging them to open up and tell their stories however they choose.




  • A 3 hour session

  • 20 Students max

A condensed storytelling workshop that introduces the students to the themes, ideas and creative processes that are explored further in our weekly workshop sessions.



 To book a workshop please email contact@jopproject.org or call (415) 601-9322