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The mission of the Joe Orrach Performance Project, a 501(c) (3), is to incubate, develop, and engage participants and diverse theatre audiences in new and illuminating performing arts projects, with a special focus on youth, young adults and participants with limited experience in the theatre. Movement, rhythm and live personal connection are at the core of our storytelling and help us to open the worlds of performance and expression to others.



We believe that the power of performance arises from the bravery, vulnerability, and joy of people sharing the stories that shape who they are. JOPProject is committed to storytelling through the most human of resources: the body in movement, rhythm, and language. Our activities are based in collaboration, inclusiveness, and engagement, live and in real time, among our audiences and ourselves. We want to inspire others to express themselves confidently, constructively, creatively, and with a sense of self.

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